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I have the absolute worst wanderlust ever right now. All I can think about is going away on vacation somewhere. I keep dreaming of tropical beaches, white sands, a warm sun, a fruity but strong drink with a corny, little, bright, toothpick umbrella... And then.... I dream of green adventures across a country side... Green beer with plenty of shots and boorish laughter around me in some random Irish pub in Dublin... Rainbows and leprechauns... And again... I think of adventures in the swamps.... Riding up the bayou, listening to classic jazz... Listening to stories of haunted cemeteries... vampires... witches... Touring old plantations... Taking in the beautiful mystic views... All I have to do is close my eyes and start counting down. All in due time. Travel is my heart's delight. It's what I do best under high levels of stress. It's my escape from endless adult responsibilities. When I travel, I feel like nothing is impossible and I&