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Be Your Own Guide

My unsolicited advice today is simply to.... STOP TAKING OTHER PEOPLE'S ADVICE! The words of those false prophets.... the ones who are constantly spewing out gibberish that sounds right but doesn't feel right. Those same people who've remained stagnant throughout the years.   Those who have not grown or evolved but instead continue to regress in their behaviors and patterns, never going anywhere or really doing anything... never fulfilling their hopes, dreams, goals..... Stop listening to them.   They have no idea what they're doing by spreading their ignorance. The damage they are causing to the public claiming some higher being is speaking through them......Using them as the vessel.    Please! Why can't YOU be your own vessel to life decisions, opinions and subjects that actually matter? If you cannot trust yourself to form your own judgments, when you should know yourself best, then what makes you think it's a good idea to