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A New Generation of Love

As I was getting my mani/pedi the other day, I was watching the entertainment news on their flat screen regarding how Janet Jackson has filed for divorce from her billionaire husband after giving birth to his one and only heir.  An older woman next to me started ranting about how people generally don't take relationships seriously anymore and how she and her husband have been together for 40+ years.  My cynical side immediately thought, how many times have you put up with his cheating to survive 40 years of marriage ?  Of course, all I did was nod and smile. J laughs at me when I tell him about my inappropriate thoughts in the midst of conversation. I know he'll miss that about me someday.  Look, I'm not saying that love and marriage like that can't last. I'm positive if my mother had stayed with her high school sweetheart, I would've had a different last name right now. Unfortunately, that's not how things went down. And in thinking about why there