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The biggest problem with dating and relationships is that many people are not transparent right up front.

They like to play the guessing game.
A guessing game that can be very dangerous with many questions answered with "I don't know yet," or "Maybe"s.  
The problem is that if you truly don't want something, and the person you are pursuing does, then you are leading them to think you do or that you may change your mind and end up totally fucking up their plans.
You can't be a "go with the flow" person on every subject.
You've gotta have some direction.

If you have children and you're afraid that the other person will run away screaming, then clearly that person is not for you unless you're a deadbeat parent who doesn't really engage with your children anyway. But even then, say so.  And in that case in which you are a deadbeat, then there's clearly something wrong with you and the person  you're dating anyway.. so bas…