Unfinished Business

I got to thinking today about how so many people jump from one relationship to another without being completely out of the last one. 
I don't see anything wrong with being an adult and moving on quickly. 
My only issue is with those people who haven't completely ended things with the last person before deciding they're good to go with the next. 

Look, I realize it's a risk to let something potentially good go, because you're not 100% out of the previously bad.  But it's also not fair to that potentially good person to engage in any thing with them when you're not even sure where you stand with the last person.... you're still fornicating with the last person... or you simply aren't over that last person. 

There's nothing wrong with not being ready.
And it's cool to be honest about your situation as well.
But no matter how honest you are, let's face it... this previous baggage may cause serious danger to something that can possibly be wonderful.

You simply never know.
So why risk it? 

I think it's worth the risk of finishing things up, making sure it's over and seeing if the newer person is around for you. 
Why? Because if it's meant to be, it simply WILL be in that moment.
And if it's not, maybe a better fit will come along your way.

Get that divorce, stop talking to your ex, simply move the hell on and then pursue the next best thing.

Why bring more complications into your life by bringing someone into the mix when you can't even give them your all? Even if all you have to offer is carnal?

Don't even bother. 
You're simply asking for trouble.


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