That's What I Like

Consistency, effort, communication and responsiveness...

That's what I like.

I read this quote on someone's feed the other day and it couldn't be more true.

If I like you enough, no matter how hard my instinct is trying to fight my feelings (whether lust or otherwise) I'll totally let you go ahead and fuck me up. 

I may highly regret it later but in the moment, I'll enjoy it for what it is.

I think this holds true for pretty much the majority of people. If you really like someone - and I'm talking lust with a large side of intrigue - you'll take the risk. 

And by taking the risk, you're making and contributing time to try and get to know this person.  You're being consistent and putting in actual work, actual effort because that person brings you just a little smile, brings you a little warmth and let's be honest, makes you tingle in the most private areas of your body and mind. 

You cannot claim to feel a real attraction to someone if you cannot be bothered to find time for them to simply let them know, you're thinking of them.... want to spend time with them....

You cannot claim that this person brings you to thoughts of love, sex and magic if you cannot be bothered to put time in.

Putting real time into a budding romance, even if it goes nowhere, is essential in trying to make something out of nothing.

Even just getting something as superficial as a booty call from a worthy lay requires fuckin effort. 


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