Hi, How You Been?

I read these words yesterday evening and had quite a handful of post traumatic flashbacks.
This message was sent to me yesterday afternoon at some point while I was running around trying to get my life in order.

I have been slowly piecing everything together finally after all that's happened in the past 2-3 years and boy has it been a hell of a process.

How have I been?

In this past month alone, I have made a very big change in my life
As a matter of fact, I'm living my life like a displaced refugee.

But let's be real.
This person, does not really care how I've been.
They are reaching out because they want something from me.
What could I possibly offer someone who was a crucial part of why I've been uprooted in such a way?

Money? Comfort? Friendship?

I have none of these things to offer.
I have exhausted all of these parts of myself.

The real question is... why does it seem that every single time we seem to start getting a grasp of ourselves, our lives, that very person who put the finishing touches onto our mental breakdown has the need to pop back in to remind us of their existence?

Or is it a reminder not to allow such a mess to happen again?

How have I been?

I've been amazing, considering the circumstances, I must say.


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