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The Good Guy

In this day and age, it's hard to distinguish between the Nice Guy and the Good Guy and understanding that there is a difference.

Anyone in the whole wide world can be nice.
A serial killer can be nice, Trump can be nice... ANYONE can be nice.
But that doesn't make them good.

A good guy doesn't have to be nice.
They simply have to prove that their intentions are always for good and with no malicious intent behind them.

A good guy is genuine regardless of what others think of them.
They stick to their guns and they're not always exactly "neat and clean."
Good guys come in all shapes, forms, and colors.
They have all types of backgrounds and will always do what's best for everyone, no matter how much it hurts because it's for everyone's best and not just his.

People have the ability to become good because sometimes life forces them to.

I once met a really great fuckin' guy a couple of years ago.
The dude was super hood.
He spent some time in j…