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NY Loves PR

“Puerto Rico was born in me……” I was born in a hospital in Yauco, Puerto Rico back in 1981. Technology, at that time in a local town considered to be located in the “boondox,” was minimal. My birth wasn’t easy but I insisted to be brought into this world.   Weeks after my harsh entrance into this world, it was discovered that I had a heart condition.   A condition that could not be taken care of in the American Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. And so, my family did what they could to raise funds to get me to the states and get me the health care that I needed in order to survive.   Had I stayed in PR, I may not have lived past 6 months of age. Although I only lived in Puerto Rico the first 8 months of my life, the island is completely and totally ingrained in my soul. Every year, we revisited the island to break bread with the loved ones we left behind. And as far back as I can remember, every time I leave the island, I feel an intense sadness… as if I’m aban