Plastic Humans

Human beings disgust me.

Every dirt bag from #45 to a little old lady who claims she birthed my mother to ex boyfriends who simply won't leave me alone long enough to let me live my life but instead choose to just drive me insane.

I wish no one ill will.
Not one person.
Have I wished karma upon every loser who has walked the earth?
I also wish karma upon those who do good in the world.

But boy am I finally done with plastic humans.

How can people live with themselves knowing they tortured their children, yet have the audacity to depend on them when they're old and frail? Or treat their grandchildren like the black sheep of the family, yet continue to ask for favors?

How can people do things to others and feel no remorse at all?

This year, I have to do everything I can to let go and release anyone or anything that makes me feel anger, resentment and just ignore those who again and again do their mightiest to resurface into my life.

It's time to let go of them once and for all.
If these people are no longer serving me any sort of purpose, they need to quite simply drop off the face of the earth and leave me alone.
That includes relatives, people I've considered long term friends... all of them.

No more plastic.

I welcome 2018 with open arms and less headaches.


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