Snowy Thoughts

3 weeks worth of bronchitis. 
We are now entering the 4th week. 
But, hey, at least it’s not pneumonia or heart failure. 
Not yet, anyway!

It’s funny when you get sick or you lose someone or something big happens to you... it becomes clear who is who in your life. And who is nothing at all. 

I haven’t had much to write about lately because I’m trying to stay away from feeding egos or offending the few friends, I do have. It’s always easier to just speak my mind, anyway. 

These days in stewing in my phlegm (i realize how gross that sounds) has left me home bound for a week, doctor’s orders and has given me much to think about. 

I’m always grateful for the things I do have. As little as they may be. And those who are in my life as much as they may drive me nuts at times. 

But I’m always forever grateful for those who have chosen to leave. Because had they not, who knows the stress that would await me on the other side of that door? 

Moving forward, I’m leaving much behind this time around. Rather than dwell on the things I never wanted and things I can no longer change, all there is left to do is to steer straight ahead and see what surprises life has left to offer. 

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to unwrap one... I’m excited to find out how many more there are waiting for me.... 


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