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The Interchangeables

To be self aware is to be conscious of your own characteristics and feelings. I'm confident that I'm self aware. I'm 100% in tune with my short comings and I own every single one. Every year, I look at myself and my life and try to mentally evaluate where I should be and what I can do to improve myself in order to get there. I find myself to be a constant work in progress and believe that there will never come a day where I won't be. That's why I most certainly find it incredibly frustrating when those who preach self awareness the most, are no where near actually being self aware. Have you ever watched someone sabotage their friendships and looked on as you thought to yourself... "This is why you're down to nothing...." or "This is why so-and-so stopped talking to you...." I see this entirely way too much. See.... I have what I consider a circle of about 5 friends.  One of those friends I've known since I was 13 a