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Stolen Identity

Have you ever been in a relationship that made you questions your values? Your morals? Your likes? Dislikes? Have you ever seen yourself totally transform everything about yourself from the beginning of a relationship through the end? or simply within a year? Maybe you had one view on politics and suddenly found yourself supporting the opposite party by the influence of the nonsense your significant other has spewed? Or perhaps, it was a different type of change. Maybe you were straight up into the hip hop scene and suddenly became a grunge hipster? I've seen this happen so often. People go into a relationship one way and then all of a sudden their thoughts or beliefs have changed based on the person they're having sex with. It's really that simple. An orgasm can really make you see things differently. Think about it. Maybe there's a change in shows you watch. Or you've probably stopped watching tv altogether because your partner thinks television is

Give Them Something To Talk About

I used to care about other people's thoughts and opinions about me and I think once I hit 26, 27, that all stopped. I'd been paying rent, utilities and other bills and realized that these people weren't helping me, so therefore, nothing they did or said mattered to me. It's very easy to write people off because at the end of the day, if those people aren't making any valid efforts to come through as the friends and the family they portray themselves to be, then why keep them around? See... I was once that girl that always came through for people's events, no matter the cost, the anxiety, the difficulty of making it. I was always the one who called and sent a gift and just followed through. But when I realized that as you get older, priorities change for everyone, and you're no longer of any importance to certain individuals nor are they to you, I just stopped. Their presence wasn't making a difference in my life, so why would their absence? I