Stolen Identity

Have you ever been in a relationship that made you questions your values? Your morals? Your likes? Dislikes?
Have you ever seen yourself totally transform everything about yourself from the beginning of a relationship through the end? or simply within a year?

Maybe you had one view on politics and suddenly found yourself supporting the opposite party by the influence of the nonsense your significant other has spewed?

Or perhaps, it was a different type of change.
Maybe you were straight up into the hip hop scene and suddenly became a grunge hipster?

I've seen this happen so often.
People go into a relationship one way and then all of a sudden their thoughts or beliefs have changed based on the person they're having sex with.
It's really that simple.
An orgasm can really make you see things differently.

Think about it.

Maybe there's a change in shows you watch.
Or you've probably stopped watching tv altogether because your partner thinks television is damaging.
It probably is, right? But who asked them?

Maybe you've stopped eating certain foods because your significant other doesn't eat them.
So now you're a vegetarian even though you're craving a juicy rib eye....

I think it's important to know exactly who you are when you enter a relationship and to hold strong to your own thoughts, views, opinions, and tastes.

I have been witness to two individuals in my life that I can recall transforming pretty much everything about their every day personalities to be with someone.  And what makes me laugh is that they don't see it that way.

What happens if that relationship doesn't work out and you discover that you don't remember who you were before that?
If you completely lose yourself in someone else, what happens when that person is no longer there.
Who are you really? Do you have anything to build on? Or do you continue to play the part you were in throughout until you find someone else's identity to adapt to?

It makes me sad that people don't have a firm grasp on who they are.
It's important to be yourself at all times, to be comfortable in your skin and to never allow anyone to alter those things.
It's great to take on other people's likes but not so much that it transforms you into something unrecognizable.

It takes so long to figure out who you are again when things go south in such a relationship.
As I normally preach, be YOU at all times and LOVE everything about YOU and eventually you'll find someone worthy of the REAL YOU. 


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