The Rush

There's so much I want to get done right now that I have to remind myself that I have time.
That there's no need to rush because time is an illusion that we are rewarded with.

I really had to do this today as I started rushing through the next phase in my life and realized that no matter how anxious I feel, I have to do things right this time.
In every single aspect.

I've learned that rushing through my decisions only lands me in dire straights.
One thing at a time.
Start one project and then move on to the next once that's completed.

It's harder to slow down when you're on your own in a sense.
There's no real cushion to fall back on outside of reality.
And staying focused is hard in a world of blur.

But once you throw your glasses on and everything becomes a bit clearer, it's easier to get things done the right way.

You just have to slow down.


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