Mother's Day

This is the 2nd Mother's Day without my own and the 3rd in a row I don't get to spend with her.
I blame 2 people to include myself for that but I can't do anything about that.
The thing about regrets is that you live with them forever and in some cases, you simply can't change anything.
This is one of those cases.

What I can do and have been trying to enforce consistently is tell my friends and remaining family members to reach out and show love to those that are still here because you never know when they may not be anymore.

On Friday night, I really went in on someone close to me and insisted they buy their "difficult" mother a card and give her a damn hug because I happen to know she wants and needs that and it won't cost him a damn thing.
And that he should do it regardless of the reaction he gets from her.

Madre es unica. 

In most cases, anyway.
The thing is you're lucky to have your parents on borrowed time, even if you don't realize it.
Even if all your parent is, is a lesson of what not to be.

I have spend every day of my life since July 11, 2016, regretting every moment I didn't spend with mine.
The guilt is something that lingers and simply doesn't go away.
The tears come every single day.
There's nothing like it.

I urge every single person to HUG their mother, even for fear of getting slapped.
To call her, even for fear of getting yelled at.
Mail her a card.

Do something for her.
But don't hesitate.
Do it right now.
It's the only guaranteed moment you may have.

What I would give right now to hug mine.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers, no matter how crazy and difficult.
You who have sacrificed so much for your young.
We love and appreciate you everywhere you are for simply giving us life and sacrificing your own.
Birth mothers, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, step mothers, mother in laws, grandmothers, fur mothers, mothers on Earth, mothers in heaven... all of you.
Thank you, we love you here on earth, on the other side... every where and any where that you may be.
May your day be filled with many, many hugs.


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