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I firmly believe that the very best things in life come unexpectedly. Let's explore my theory. I spent almost an entire year in search of a better job opportunity. In the midst, I went through a random breakup and had one hell of a living situation that I am very glad to be out of and so is my poor spine.  In mid January, I decided (with the help of my sister and a goat I once knew) to let go of a rental home I had in Pennsylvania because it was serving me no purpose but an additional bill.  Thankfully, Omar was generous enough to allow me to continue to crash with her while I figured my life out and prioritized what was most important. I decided to focus on getting a job that not only honored my Master's degree but also gave me a bit of freedom and flexibility to grow both personally and professionally. After a disappointing let down to a job I was almost sure I attained, out of the woodworks, I had an interview and received a job offer for the exact thing I