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The Holidays

After one hell of a mission.... last week, I had a lovely Thanksgiving with the ones I love the most.
Of course, there were people missing to make it absolutely perfect, but one day, I hope to host my own in my own home with EVERYONE I love so very much.

Thanksgiving to me, doesn't mean much of anything outside of just being grateful for what I have.
I totally get the whole idea that it's also a historical day of colonization when the Europeans took over, killed off a bunch of natives with their diseases and enslaved them. 
I am not ignorant to this at all and if anyone knows me, they know that I'm anti-colonization....
 (Que viva Boriken!!!! )
I'm also there's that.

However, when I think of Thanksgiving, I think my mom's juicy turkey (never ever dry)... I think of her pumpkin pies... her singing and dancing in the kitchen. 
Thanksgiving is representative of my short mom's presence here on earth and what a huge impact she was to me.
I miss her…