The Holidays

After one hell of a mission.... last week, I had a lovely Thanksgiving with the ones I love the most.
Of course, there were people missing to make it absolutely perfect, but one day, I hope to host my own in my own home with EVERYONE I love so very much.

Thanksgiving to me, doesn't mean much of anything outside of just being grateful for what I have.
I totally get the whole idea that it's also a historical day of colonization when the Europeans took over, killed off a bunch of natives with their diseases and enslaved them. 
I am not ignorant to this at all and if anyone knows me, they know that I'm anti-colonization....
 (Que viva Boriken!!!! )
I'm also there's that.

However, when I think of Thanksgiving, I think my mom's juicy turkey (never ever dry)... I think of her pumpkin pies... her singing and dancing in the kitchen. 
Thanksgiving is representative of my short mom's presence here on earth and what a huge impact she was to me.
I miss her so very much during these days because it was her favorite time of year.
And in  her honor, whether I'm into it or not, and regardless of how sad it is she's not here, I will continue to do my best to make the best out of the holidays... whatever that means.

There was a time she would start decorating the house for Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend, but because she loved the holidays so much, she started decorating on or around Halloween.  She would blast her Spanish holiday music (yep. El Burrito... ) and really go ALL out with taking her Christmas themed porcelain figurines out, a nutcracker man she had... I mean she really LOVED the holidays.

So when people are going on and on about how they don't celebrate and people need to respect that because of religious reasons and what have you... these same people need to be sensitive to those that do. 

You really don't understand what an ordinary day to you, might mean to someone else. 

With that said, whatever the holidays mean to YOU... I wish you all so very many good vibes, good feelings.. I hope you're all surrounded by love and happiness and however you spend it, I hope you spend it amazingly well.


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