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At the end of every calendar year, I tend to look back and reflect on the lessons I've learned and my plans for the future.  This morning, I realized that there wasn't much of anything new I've learned except the concept of "obligation."

It's the latest theme I've run across in the past couple of months.   An "obligation" as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound.  It is also known as a duty or commitment. 
In thinking about the lessons I've learned, I always look back and think about my mother's life and how themes affected her and in turn have affected me throughout the years.  Obligation was a huge theme in every step of the way.  My mother was abused in all ways as a child and teenager and even as an adult.  She was taken advantage of and used.  And everything that happened to her, only made her stronger.  Yet, she never held a grudge against ANYONE, inclu…

We Owe Them Nothing

Last night, I had a short and interesting conversation with a relative about a situation they're going through with an ex.

Rather than put her business out there, instead, I'm going to hone in on the advice I gave her and that I shared with someone else I deeply care about recently as well.

In this game of love and war, people come out bruised, hurt, emotionally and sometimes even physically scarred from the trauma of simply trying to meet on the same page with these people we fall into relationships with.  We share vital parts of our lives with them, including inter-familial struggles, financial hardships, and all of the ups and downs we encounter throughout.  When it ends, we have to figure out a way to navigate without these people who were once such an important part of our life.  It's simply what happens.

After we've dealt with our hurt and pain, the barriers present themselves when we still have some sort of emotional or physical tie to them...such as a child or …