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Nurturing Relationships

In order to preserve any relationship - whether it's familial, friendly, romantic or even professional - there's a certain level of nurturing that has to go into it.  For instance, my oldest sister and I have become very much united in the past 4 years since my mom's passing, and despite having differing opinions with certain aspects of life, we make sure we look out for each other.  We make sure we both have what we need, and even when life gets busy, we check in with each other. I can say the same of a good friend of mine I've known for about 24 years.  We don't communicate every day and have even gone weeks without any communication in the past but when we do talk, text, video chat, we check in or just jump right in around life struggles and accomplishments.  She is my sister by association and someone who has remained simply consistent throughout the years.   During the past 5 months of this pandemic, I have been able to truly strengthen a relationship with one

Froggy Fridays: The Return of Bozo the Frog

Around early March, Lynn's oldest daughter was out and about running errands while her partner was home cleaning up around the house.  While picking up outside, in the midst of outdoor chores.... a van pulls into the driveway...  Out comes an older man.. around late 60's bald with a side of bozo burns.   "Does Lynn's daughter, Jessica, still live here?" the clownish man, otherwise known as Bozo the Moocher but we'll call him Bozo for short, asks Jared.  Jared, taken aback and quite puzzled, responds, "Who wants to know?" "I'm Bozo.  I used to be her stepfather and how about Tracy, is she around?"  Jared hesitantly responds... "Tracy doesn't live here.  Jessica lives here and she will be back shortly, do you want me to call her?"   "Where's Tracy? Does she live around here?"  Jared responds, "Listen, Tracy doesn't live here and I can't tell you much about her.  Jessica still lives here, I live her

July 2020

I don't write often anymore. It's not for lack of inspiration. There's SO much to write about! Where to start??? Clearly, we are living through some extremely troubling times especially those of us that are Black or Brown or Other POC.   I know that I'm making moves towards trying to be a better person in general and one of those things is letting go of situations and people that no longer serve me.  I've always been a big believer of this since introduced to the concept by a good friend of mine... and the last year has never been a better time for it. What's also been helpful in that regard is that I have been living in a different state for the past year and I have never felt better.  The first couple of months of transition took a little getting used to, but coming back home from work and leaving the state of NY was always such a huge weight off of my shoulders. The idea of not having to be in NY at all is just such a huge relief right now.  If you're fam

The Time is NOW

At times I think, I'm at a loss for words. But I'm not.  I have too many words and none of them will arrange themselves in a way that makes sense.  I am angry.  I am disappointed.  I am disgusted.  I am anxious. I am overwhelmed.   My heart has broken over and over again for the past couple of days. There are not enough words in any language to describe my feelings.  But I've been all of these things all along.  These feelings have only been re-awakened.  Triggered highly by the most recent events. And where I went wrong was to allow those feelings to sleep. Many of us went wrong by allowing those feelings to sleep.  Those feelings need to stay awake long enough to see past the change.  We need to see these feeling through to the very END.  Whether it is OUR own end or the end of the violence and hate. Whichever comes first. I am grateful for this movement.  Grateful because I am seeing people for who they truly are.  It'


Today, is Day 12 of Self-Quarantine. As of  3/15/2020, I've been ordered to work from home as I am a School Based Clinician and the schools are closed.  We are expected to support families in any way that we can by providing them therapy virtually.  I am an essential worker.  And I am sooo very fortunate to still be employed. Thank you universe, thank you agency. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! With that said, that will probably be the only positive thing I have to say in today's post. I woke up and made a decision that since writing is my outlet... my very best form of venting my thoughts and feelings, that today's post will spew forth all of my anger and frustration around this pandemic and that anything moving forward will be positive (unless there's a new development I need to vent about... like another family member falling ill or possibly worse). My routine every day for about a year is to find some time in the day to glance at the news.  Not always immedia

COVID, Toilet Paper and Other Things......

Welcome back readers... or welcome back to me, in any case. I have written jack shit in months. Well, there hasn't been much to inspire me to write a blog post.. but lo and behold, some new developments have taken place and I will have a new Froggy Friday UPDATE this very Friday. Be sure to read Bozo the Moocher, written a couple of years back, about Lynn and her frog. In other news, unless you've literally been living underneath a rock, in a cave, isolated in outer space... or something in the same realm... then you must be aware that we are currently experiencing a worldwide PANDEMIC! Who would've thought!!!! Much like in the movies... a virus has spread, and while it's not deadly to all, it's most certainly deadly to some, causing humans to grab everything they can from their local supermarkets...  For whatever reason, the most popular product of choice has been toilet paper.  I still don't understand why, but across the nation, the United States,