COVID, Toilet Paper and Other Things......

Welcome back readers... or welcome back to me, in any case.

I have written jack shit in months.
Well, there hasn't been much to inspire me to write a blog post.. but lo and behold, some new developments have taken place and I will have a new Froggy Friday UPDATE this very Friday.

Be sure to read Bozo the Moocher, written a couple of years back, about Lynn and her frog.

In other news, unless you've literally been living underneath a rock, in a cave, isolated in outer space... or something in the same realm... then you must be aware that we are currently experiencing a worldwide PANDEMIC!

Who would've thought!!!!
Much like in the movies... a virus has spread, and while it's not deadly to all, it's most certainly deadly to some, causing humans to grab everything they can from their local supermarkets... 
For whatever reason, the most popular product of choice has been toilet paper. 
I still don't understand why, but across the nation, the United States, has been flooded by beasts buying up all the toilet paper they can get their hands on, emptying shelves! 

I find this absolutely hilarious and so hard to comprehend.
Why toilet paper? I have NO idea.
It made sense that hand sanitizer, gloves masks and cleaning products flew right off the shelves since staying clean was main message of keeping this virus astray... but I'm still not clear on how toilet paper will somehow help as well.

I mean, people are buying shit loads of this stuff (pun absolutely intended).
COVID19 should be renamed Toilet Paper Mania... because it simply just doesn't make sense.

Well, in any case... schools are closed across the nation, there are curfews in place and public gatherings are prohibited in different numbers everywhere around the world.  Italy has experienced over 2000 deaths caused by complications of this virus and the spread in the U.S. is growing alarmingly quickly.

And if things couldn't get any stranger, for the first time in my 38 years, I witnessed our "President"... Agent Cheeto to me... (I have several names for this fool)... curse on television.  It was comical.

Of course, all of this hysteria, and you still have foolery with people going to public places, gathering despite very high fines and threats of arrest... and spreading their germs (and possibly the virus) to others.. having this pandemic reach as far and wide as is possible.

All we can do right now is keep our fingers crossed.
Because while people are not taking the actual virus seriously.... what they need to do is take human behavior seriously. 

If what we've witnessed over the past week alone of people literally fighting over the item we use to wipe our asses is any indication of how things would go down if this virus were any deadlier... than ladies and gentlemen, we are in SERIOUS trouble.

With all that said, I ask that not only do you keep yourself and your surroundings clean and disinfected.. but have some humanity.  Check in on your friends and family.  If you have an extra roll of toilet paper you can spare, help out your fellow elderly neighbor.

It could be YOU next and wouldn't you want someone to extend the same amount of human empathy your way?


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