Today, is Day 12 of Self-Quarantine.

As of  3/15/2020, I've been ordered to work from home as I am a School Based Clinician and the schools are closed.  We are expected to support families in any way that we can by providing them therapy virtually.  I am an essential worker.  And I am sooo very fortunate to still be employed. Thank you universe, thank you agency. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

With that said, that will probably be the only positive thing I have to say in today's post.

I woke up and made a decision that since writing is my outlet... my very best form of venting my thoughts and feelings, that today's post will spew forth all of my anger and frustration around this pandemic and that anything moving forward will be positive (unless there's a new development I need to vent about... like another family member falling ill or possibly worse).

My routine every day for about a year is to find some time in the day to glance at the news.  Not always immediately in the morning, but at some point during the day, I glance through articles from the NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, etc.  I try to read only the factual, neutral articles to stay up to date with what's going on in the world and nothing more. And as minimal as that is, I still sometimes miss some things.

Back in January, I went on a double date with some good friends nearby, and the four of us discussed COVID19 as it was lurking in the shadows of the news.  My partner and our friend, seemed a bit concerned but not overly so.  Not yet.  They started talking about how it's been kind of pushed down into the background and went on to discuss the global climate change and being more concerned about what viruses may be unleashed once the icecaps are fully melted away..... That's definitely a scary thought. Even now.

Needless to say, I was not as concerned as I should've been.  Why? Well, because we live in the United States, and we handled the Ebola virus pretty well... and I remember the Swine Flu and the Bird Flu... and those were deadly... and well, we're okay, right?

Like much of the world, I walked around with no worries, because despite the fact that we have the WORST leader of my time, I still thought... we are the UNITED STATES! WE GOT THIS!

Just so we are clear, I did watch the news conference in which your president stated this was a hoax caused by the Democrats.  I never once believed it was a hoax. I just thought as usual, he was talking out of his ass and that somehow this was being handled by people who actually know how to contain a virus or slow down its spread.. and that he was just being him.

Flash forward to March.....
Cases are increasing, people are dying... Italy and France are on lockdown...
Anxiety is rising, people are starting to be asked to work from home, self-isolate.
Panic is setting in.... and I am watching the numbers dwindle on the subways like something out of a horror movie.  Have you seen the pictures? NYC is a shit show.. and Jersey City has never been half as busy but it's pretty reflective of the apocalypse as well.

Tuning into the news now, I'm just so disgusted. So disappointed.
The man straight up said, he takes no responsibility for this.  For what has happened.
Your leader of the so called free world... takes no responsibility for the near thousand deaths so far... and for the thousands more that are coming.
He refuses to set strict lock down rules across the country which are vastly needed.
He's promoting Chloroquine as the upcoming drug treatment for the virus - which has his supporters running out and buying FISH TANK cleaning tablets which contain some of that drug... AND taking it as a preventive measure...
And finally, folks, he's been incredibly irresponsible by telling the nation that he wants us to be off lockdown by Easter which is only two weeks away with the numbers still SKYROCKETING!

This will NOT be over in TWO WEEKS!
It is going to be MONTHS before this is over.

How is this our reality????
How do we have such an inept leader in office?

That's not to say, we wouldn't have been affected had there been someone else.
As quickly as this virus spread, it wouldn't have mattered who was in office, we would have surely been affected.
But just so that we are clear... ANY leader on either side before him, would've taken this seriously and we would have at least been able to get ahead of this enough to flatten the curve a bit.  Any leader would have probably suggested a lock down NATIONWIDE.  And I am pretty sure, any leader would steer clear from providing us with false hope.

How irresponsible to tell the nation that we should be okay to leave our homes and go back to normal in TWO WEEKS!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE WATCHING AND LISTENING TO YOU?!?!?!

If this pandemic, has not opened your eyes to how unqualified this man is to be running the country, then what in the world will?
The way he has handled this and continues to handle this goes beyond the meaning of deplorable, disgusting, disheartening...
And I will never ever be able to understand how it's possible that this is what we have leading us and this is what we have to deal with for God only knows how much longer.
Because I doubt we will even be able to vote in November.

How there are some of you still out there calling him a "God Emperor" and hanging on his every word is beyond me.
And what really gets me, is that there are STILL SOME PEOPLE WHO THINK THIS IS A HOAX!!!!

And anyone who has followed my posts or knows who I am, understands that THREE is a lot because since my mom passed, I have next to no one left.

So I say all of this to say... YES, I AM POINTING MY FINGER AT 45.

The way this whole thing was handled is incredibly unacceptable beyond all comprehensible words.
And I am beyond angry, sad, anxious and even hopeless at times that this virus won't simply do us all in thanks to your US president.


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