The Time is NOW

At times I think, I'm at a loss for words.
But I'm not. 
I have too many words and none of them will arrange themselves in a way that makes sense. 

I am angry. 
I am disappointed. 
I am disgusted. 
I am anxious.
I am overwhelmed.  
My heart has broken over and over again for the past couple of days.
There are not enough words in any language to describe my feelings. 

But I've been all of these things all along. 
These feelings have only been re-awakened. 
Triggered highly by the most recent events.

And where I went wrong was to allow those feelings to sleep.
Many of us went wrong by allowing those feelings to sleep. 
Those feelings need to stay awake long enough to see past the change. 
We need to see these feeling through to the very END. 
Whether it is OUR own end or the end of the violence and hate.
Whichever comes first.

I am grateful for this movement. 
Grateful because I am seeing people for who they truly are. 
It's not always clear until larger events in this world take place.
Because what is being said is only a G rated version of what they are truly thinking.  

It is not my job to educate them, but to educate myself and be ready to dish out the proper responses to these words and actions of hate, violence and ignorance. 
I am not always heavily armed but I am always ready to dig deeper and further into the facts.  
And when the next opportunity comes along, I will be armed. 
Armed with knowledge.

As I explained to a peer yesterday when they attempted to combat my limited knowledge with why movements haven't been made for other atrocities... 
We cannot begin to solve a problem that only began yesterday with deeper rooted issues that began hundreds if not thousands of years ago. 
These atrocities YOU speak of.  
They must wait. 
Because to me, you see.. until Black Lives MATTER, then NO lives matter. 

We must BE the change. 
We must BE the example. 
And we MUST put a stop to all of this. 

There is simply no better time than RIGHT NOW.


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