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Nurturing Relationships

In order to preserve any relationship - whether it's familial, friendly, romantic or even professional - there's a certain level of nurturing that has to go into it.  For instance, my oldest sister and I have become very much united in the past 4 years since my mom's passing, and despite having differing opinions with certain aspects of life, we make sure we look out for each other.  We make sure we both have what we need, and even when life gets busy, we check in with each other. I can say the same of a good friend of mine I've known for about 24 years.  We don't communicate every day and have even gone weeks without any communication in the past but when we do talk, text, video chat, we check in or just jump right in around life struggles and accomplishments.  She is my sister by association and someone who has remained simply consistent throughout the years.   During the past 5 months of this pandemic, I have been able to truly strengthen a relationship with one